unique technique of decorating glass products

studio miracle

The Miracle Glass Studio presents you with its hand-decorated products, the design of which is based on the application of metals in combination with coloured surfaces. This is a completely new technique of decorating glass products, with the possibility of applying motifs from the Art Nouveau period through to all styles that are prevalent in the 21st century. We deal exclusively with handmade products and the application of original décor, the designer of which is Vlasta Voborníková, the owner of the Miracle Studio.

These products are successfully exported to 35 countries throughout the world. Our production technology is protected by patent at the Bureau of Industrial Property of the Czech Republic, whilst the fact that our products have been presented with a number of awards goes to show their major aesthetic and creative standards, as well as their utility.

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unique technique of decorating glass products

Aplikace motivů počínaje obdobím secese přes veškeré styly 21.století. Jde výhradně o ruční práci s aplikací originálních autorských dekorů.

Design je založen na unikátní aplikaci kovů na sklo.

Jde výhradně o ruční práci s aplikací originálních dekorů, jejichž autorkou je Vlasta Voborníková majitelka studia Miracle.

Vlasta Voborníková

Has been living in Svojkov, North Bohemia, since 2003. She has founded the studio Miracle focused on glass decorating and unique jewels making. The jewelry presents unique, original production based on combination of wood and resin.

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Vlasta Voborníková
Presented with the following awards:

Craft and Art in Glass, Nový Bor 2000
European Prize for Glass Art presented by the European Union of Arts in Brussels in 2002
Craft and Art in Glass, Nový Bor 2003
The Prize of Francz Kafka 2006